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Point 1 With years of experience in telecommunication field, we focus our effort in the development of embedded software, which combine knowledge in both hardware and software to bring out the best possible solution.
"We offer total support from design to testing or at any phase of the process according to customer’s specific needs."
Point 2 Our knowledgeable and dedicated team of technicians can also perform work on-site under customer’s supervision.
High-performance firmware, middleware and device driver development
(Compatible CPU:H8, SH series, PIC, PowerPC, MC68000 series)
Control application development for product evaluation (GP-IB, RS-232C, USB)
Business application development for improving work efficiency
Web application development (homepage and groupware)
Client-server system development for network monitoring
【Programming language】
Cross development environment, VisualBasic, etc
Business Content
System Development
Device Development
Board Development
Product Development
Software Development
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