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1. We will utilize our knowledge and skill of expertise to provide high service quality to our customer and contribute to the society.
2. We will provide employees with opportunities to enhance their technical and professional skills, which can contribute to both their self-development as well as to the growth of the company
" Based on the above principles, we will focus our efforts on
providing added-value design service through putting our customer first
and implementing environmental management systems to
maintain high and reliable service quality. "
As living in a society requires cooperation among diverse individuals, we recognize
the important of building and maintain a mutual trust relationship with our clients.
It is our commitment to conduct fair and open business activities, also as a member
of society,to contribute to further development for a better society in the future.
We value customer satisfaction as our foremost mission and are committed to deliver
reliable and high quality services to our customers. We will continue to make further
efforts in expanding our area of expertise and explore more possibilities in providing
innovative and effective solution to meet diverse needs of our customers.
We believe that employees are the most important resource of the company
and are committed to build the workplace environment that fosters employee
self-development. We value the collective strength of our employees and
believe that it can help provide business competitive advantages to the company.
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Management Policies
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