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Device Development
System DevelopmentBoard Development
Software DevelopmentProduct Development
Tokyo Drawing Ltd. total engineering design company
繝サ Specification Design
繝サ Function Design
繝サ Electrical Design
(Hard & Soft)
繝サ Mechanical Design
繝サ Prototype & Evaluation
繝サ ASIC Development
(Prototype & Evaluation)
繝サ FPGA Design
繝サ Circuit Design
繝サ PCB Design
繝サ Simulation
繝サ Prototype & Evaluation
繝サ Verification Design
(Modularize& Miniaturize)
繝サ Device Development
-Board Development
-Structure Design
繝サ Window Application
繝サ Embedded Software Development

Fast-delivery services by utilizing more than 250 engineering specialist working on 2-shift to provide 24-hour-a-day services and technical supports.
To reduce product development cost and time-to-market, our company provides complete engineering solutions from concept to design and on to production.
With 50 years of experiences in engineering field, our specialists teams offers reliable and best quality services based on customer窶冱 specific needs.
As an ISO9001 and RoHs certified company, we ensure to provide our customers with best quality services and deliver environmental friendly product to the society.
Business Content
System Development
Device Development
Board Development
Product Development
Software Development
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