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Point 1縲ffer flexible services from product planning to specification design and system analysis according to customer窶冱 specific needs.
Point 2縲e ensure to deliver our customers with simple product窶冱 design and highly functional quality.
"By developing close communication and deep understanding of customers' requirements, we provide added value services which guarantee to achieve maximum customer窶冱 satisfaction. "
Point 3縲rovide full range of expertise needed from PCB Design, sheet metal design, molding design and onto LSI manufacture available for both trial and mass production.
Microwave / IP converter for ISDB-T Test Equipment
繝サ Capable of transferring the electromagnetic signal from specific area to another remote area.
繝サ The device set on specific area will directly sampling the broadcasting signal, converting it from analog to digital and transmitting the data to other area through Ethernet.
繝サ The device on remote area will receive the transmitted data and convert it back to analog, passing through weak signal transmitting unit to emit the wireless signal.
Item Specification
Transfer bandwidth 6Mbps (1ch)
Ethernet IF IEEE802.3ab (1000BASE-T)
IEEE802.3z (1000BASE-SX/LX)
RF IF VHF-band (470MHz70MHz)
Sensor System
繝サ Comprises of 1 sensor board and 1 CPU board.
繝サ The Sensor board is placed with various type of sensors and wireless communication system to enable for detecting and transmitting data to CPU board.
繝サ The CPU Board will received the data and processed through IF output.
Sensor Board
CPU Board
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